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Oct. 11, 2015

So now you’re engaged and in the midst of planning for your wedding. If you have already chosen your wedding photographer then an engagement shoot is the best way to really build a comfort with your wedding photographer before the wedding day.  By having an engagement shoot you will get to see how the photographer directs you and how comfortable it feels working with them. An engagement shoot is also a great way for us to discover how you interact as a couple and what type of images you connect with. You can even get some great ideas for photos on your actual wedding day.

If you both love the outdoors then a park is the perfect location to have an engagement shoot. Being outdoors gives the photographer a variety of sceneries to work with, allowing them to get even more creative

Here are three parks that would make the perfect location for your engagement shoot.

1. Cuvier Park.

Cuvier Park is also called The Wedding Bowl. It is a located at Coast Blvd and Cuvier Street in La Jolla. The beach front park offers wonderful views of the ocean which provides a breathtaking backdrop for your pictures.

The park is located about five steps below street level so it is hard to see from the street. No need to worry about strangers staring while you have your engagement photos taken.

If you’re yet to find a wedding venue, you might just fall in love with Cuvier Park it has earned the name Wedding Bowl by being popular wedding destination. Unfortunately, you can only have your wedding ceremony though, receptions are not permitted.

2. Presidio Park

Presidio Park is nestled on top of a hill right next to the freeway. It offers sweeping views of the city, the San Diego River valley, and the Pacific Oceanio Park. The area also marks where the first European settlements in the Western United States.

Not only is the park rich in history it offers several locations inside the park that are great for taking photos. There is Inspiration Point, Palm Canyon and The Arbor. Inspiration Point is surrounded by numerous trees that provide shade on a hot sunny days. The Arbor is one of the best places to visit in Presidio Park, it is a lovely patch of land with white columns and a semi covered walkway.

The best part is that there are lots of picnic tables around the park so you can either use them as a prop or have a picnic once you’re done with the shoot.

3. Balboa Park

Last but not least there is Balboa Park.  Is it overdone? Yes, balboa Park is a popular location for engagement shoots but there are less popular hidden places that you can venture into that will provide the most stunning backdrops for your engagement pictures.  The park is vast and there is no shortage of locations, this also means that you have a huge variety to choose from. The park is also the perfect mix of outdoor spaces and architecture so you can change things up and get really creative pictures.